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Taking proper care of teeth at home begin with brushing and flossing atleast twice daily. Research has shown that this regimen can help prevent cavities, gingivitis and periodontal diseases.


Good brushing starts with good tooth brush. Tooth brush should be with soft, rounded bristles to avoid damage to teeth or gums. Place brush at 45®angle to the gumline and brush gums and teeth in back and forth motion one or two teeth at the same time. Tilt the toothbrush vertically behind the front teeth. Don’t forget to brush your tongue to remove the bacteria, which cause bad breath.

Alternate of toothbrush is electric toothbrush which is more effective and requires half the pressure. Slowing move it from tooth to tooth on inner and outer chewing surfaces. Rotate every 30 seconds per quadrant. Electric or manuel- brush your teeth for two minutes. Replace your toothbrush atleast every 6 months. With proper brushing and flossing technique you will have healthy oral cavity, you will be proud of your smile and your visit to the dentist will be shorter and more enjoyable.

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905 Allwood Road, Suite 107
Clifton, NJ 07012
Phone: (973) 777 - 5353
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Dr. Shweta A. Shah is serving the communities of Northern New Jersey area, Manhattan, New York,Central Jersey, Upper Montclair, Passaic, West Paterson, Bloomfield, Nutley and Wallington

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